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Thank you for your interest in the IAQ Consulting Company. Please send your resume and cover letter by precisely exploring your area of research and expertise. Most of the consulting jobs at this firm are on contract basis.

Jobs at IAQ Consulting Company /  Jobs in JFK Institute of Technology and Management

We are continuously seeking research papers to publish at our website. There is no cost to publish your research papers written in any field provided it is written and edited clearly and precisely, it would add value into the learning communities, the contents are not biased and the language is meeting the Higher Education Standards. As soon as we receive your research paper, it would be viewed by three team members. Once it is approved, it would be published in the next 24 hours. The author is responsible for the contents and material. Please forward your research paper with the Turnitin.com report, if possible. Are you ready to publish your paper, click the link!
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Research papers by Ijaz Qureshi and Fellow Researchers:

1. AT&T_SBC, VOIP, Opportunity, Strategy and Economics by Ijaz Qureshi, Tahsin Al-Shaheen

2. Intellectual Property and Information Systems, by Ijaz Qureshi

3. Ethics and Information Systems By Ijaz Qureshi and Dr. Anthony Martinez
4. Doctoral Dissertation Abstract by Ijaz A. Qureshi

5. Knowledge Management and E-Learnings at Cisco Systems by Ijaz Qureshi

6. Human Resource Management and Information Systems, A Case Study of Monster.com by Ijaz Qureshi

7. WiMAX As Inexpensive Source of Communication for Islamabad (A Case of Systems Planning, Development and Implementation) by Ijaz Qureshi and Dr. Donna Schaeffer

8. Stress Management and Information Systems by Ijaz Qureshi and Dr. Mike Whitty

9. Nike, A Strategic Case Analysis by Ijaz Quershi and John Muffich

10. Dell, A Strategic Case Analysis by Ijaz Qureshi and John Muffich

11. Qualitative Research and Information Systems by Ijaz Qureshi and Dr. Raj Shea

12. Current Research Project at NUST Institute of Information Technology (Proposal)

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