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IAQ Consulting Company, Team

Dr. Dhruba Sen
Dr. Sen is known as IT GURU in the UK, US and the Subcontinent. With over thirty years of teaching and consulting experience, Dr. Sen has helped thousands of companies to accomplish their IT goals and supervised doctoral research in the fields of Information Technology, Management Information Systems, and Information Systems and Privacy and Security. Currently, Dr. Sen serves as Executive Consultant at the UK based consulting firm In-Form Consult Ltd. Dr. Sen is the founding partner of IAQ Consulting firm.

Dr. Sen often deliver lectures as a guest speaker on IT and Management at the University of London, London Chambers of Commerce and at many prestigious institutes in the Subcontinent like IIT Banglore. Dr. Sen's current research is involved in the SMS Systems, Wireless based technologies and Digital Divide, Integration of Databases to add value into the consumers daily life, and IT and Privacy and Security. 

Dr. A. Desta
Dr. Desta is a very well known economist who writes and publishes on regular basis. He is former VP Academic Affairs at Argosy University and currently a tenure faculty at Dominican University, California. His current research involves IT and Economics, International Development, International Monetary Issues, and Feasibility Analysis for Organizations interested in Developing Nations. During the World Bank's effort to eliminate the debt to African Nations, Desta delivered very convincing lectures in Brazil about the "Debt Relief to African Nations and Its Importance for Sustainable Growth to Minimize the Poverty". Desta was also consulted at many occasions by multinationals like SHELL CORP for Feasibility and Sensitivity Analysis before start of new projects in East African countries.

Dr. Desta has been awarded many academic awards for his excellent services to academia and industry. During the academic years of 2003 and 2004 Argosy San Francisco Business Club ( A student run organization that represents the School of Business and Information Technology at Argosy University San Francisco Campus) awarded him Award of Excellence because of his round the clock services to the students and global community.

In 2008, Dr. Desta was given award of "Distinguish Professor" by State of California, USA for for life time contribution in the higher education.

Dr. Desta has also served at the UNESCO offices in Paris as UN Diplomat.

Dr. Ijaz A. Qureshi

Dr. Qureshi earned his MA in Strategic Management from Richmond, The American International University in London; Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership and MBA in Ecommerce from John F. Kennedy University, Pleasant Hill, California; Certificate in Information Systems, "Internet Professional" from University of California, Berkeley, California; Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering (MCSE) from Newton International College, Los Angeles, California; and a Doctorate in Business Administration with Information Systems-Privacy and Security specialization from Argosy University San Francisco, California, USA in conjunction with the PhD courses completed at UC Berkeley, School of Information and Haas School of Business. Ijaz completed his Doctoral dissertation on the topic of Application of Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) in the State of California Identification Card System and Its Impact on The Privacy and Security of Card Holders”. Ijaz currently serves as Info Sys partner at the IAQ Consulting Company and operates his academic consulting business that he established during his student years in San Francisco, California.

In addition to studying full time, Ijaz has been involved in the Planning Commission, City of San Pablo; CYO Catholic Charities and Jewish Community Center San Francisco, California, USA for academic research and usage of IT resources.

For more information about Ijaz please visit his official website.

Dr. Sue Van-Atta
Dr. Van-Atta is retired professor of Information Economics. Being a brilliant writer and a most respected speaker in the fields of Economic Development, Information Economics, IT and its role in the society, Dr. Van-Atta has received many academic awards for her life time academic research. Dr. Van-Atta has supervised as committee chair many Doctoral dissertations at the prestigious northern California Universities.

Dr. Mike Whitty
Dr. Whitty is a Professor of Public Policy and International Business. He has invested over thirty years in academia and in the private consulting business around the globe. Dr. Whitty is a visiting Professor at many California Universities that include, Argosy University, San Francisco State University and University of San Francisco. Dr. Whitty is currently involved in the research on the following topics; IT and Society, The Social Impact of Technology, Ethics and Information Systems.

As respected author and well known speaker, Dr. Whitty has been awarded many academic awards for his life time contribution.

Dr. Whitty is the author of two books and many research articles have been published in the prestigious journals like IEEE.

Dr. Gail Whitty
Dr. Gail Whitty is a Professor of Law and Ethics. With over twenty years of experience as a practicing lawyer she has served hundreds of organizations. Dr. Gail Whitty is a visiting professor at many California Universities that include University of San Francisco and Seattle University in the State of Washington.

Professor Kalim A. Barlas
Currently serving as President JFK Institute of Technology and Management, Islamabad, Pakistan. Professor Barlas is life time banker and educationist. A graduate of LSE and a well known instructor in the business schools in Pakistan. Professor Barlas has the expertise of ICT and Policy Making for Financial Institutes.